Owner of mushroom garden:Mr. Shoji Hayakawa

Hayakawa Mushroom Garden: Our style

1、To harvest mushrooms that we truly satisfied with and
2、To provide fresh mushrooms to our consumers.

Owner of mushroom garden
Mr. Shoji Hayakawa
Shoji Hayakawa
Born on January 23, 1954
Residence :Hayakawa
Birthplace :Hayakawa
Personalities :Cheerful
Occupation :Agriculture, Mushroom cultivation
Talents :To cultivate unique mushrooms
Interests :Shiitake mushroom picking, Trail running
My favorite places in Hayakawa :Mt. Goten (1670m)
Favorite words :To be consistent from beginning to end
What do you do in Hayakawa Mushroom Garden?
Mushroom-bed cultivating and mushroom picking in a greenhouse
What made you want to do this job?
I had always wanted to do this job from the beginning
What kind of person are you? とは?
I think I am a person who is just too crazy about doing a mushroom cultivation.
What is your future plan for Hayakawa Mushroom Garden?
I am going to challenge the stable cultivation of 7 varieties of mushrooms other than shiitake mushrooms, such as black abalone mushroom, wood ear mushroom, and maitake mushroom etc.
What do you like about Hayakawa?
1、I wake up to the sound of the song of a Japanese bush warble.

2、The air is fresh and clean especially in May, the season of fresh green, and at the top of the high mountains.

3、People in Hayakawa have a good relationship each other.

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