Mr. Teruo Fuchigami, a wood sculpture, and Ms.Kimi Kanai, a glass craftsman.

Art & Craft Gallery Ogon

The gallery located to the studio of two artists, Mr. Teruo Fuchigami, a wood sculpture, and Ms.Kimi Kanai, a glass craftsman

Gallery Ogon
Mr. Teruo Fuchigami

Born in 1967

Ms.Kimi Kanai
Born in 1970
Residence :Hayakawa
Birthplace :Kumamoto, Yokohama
Personalities :Being persistent 
Talents :To be patient, to concentrate
Interests :Taking pictures etc,
The best places in Hayakawa :Prefectural Road Southern Alps Park Line (Prefectural Road 37), and the landscape from there.
Favorite words :Live like water

Hill behind our gallery is such a great environment where wild animals (monkeys, deer, wild boars, serows, Squirrels) are always pathing through.

In summer, the wild birds and insects appeared out of the forests. In winter, they disappeared all of the sudden. In spring, new leaves are beginning to sprout….Every season, we can see the significant changes of life phenomena.

It was 1992 when we left for Hayakawa from Tokyo. We used to make sculptures at an old community center in the village but to exhibit them in Tokyo.

In 1999, we found another work place, an old prefabricated hut to make sculptures, in Ho district, Hayakawa town. We decided to use a part of the hut to exhibit our art works after fishing the exhibitions out of Yamanashi prefecture. This was the beginning of our current gallery.

At that time, we were in early 20s and late 30s. We were still young and had full of motivation, so we didn’t mind working at such an old prefabricated hut. We were aggressive to work there.

When we first started, we prepared for a small at the side of the gallery and put some small accessories, key holders, and post cards for souvenirs that the people who came to visit our gallery can purchase.

Then, the number of those pieces of artwork had been gradually increased and at the same time, the types of artwork had been gradually changed. The interior of the space needed to be renovated, and then our current gallery has been established.

At the current gallery, there are accessories and bowls made of glass, artworks on the subject of energy of animals and plants, that are made of wood in Hayakawa. Bowls and plates are also exhibited. These artworks are “forms” converted from “something” out of our imagination like a place where we live, a place where we feel relax and things we are moved. We are aiming to create a space where people can enjoy imaging the world of our artworks.

We also give a lecture for the fun of making things and the materials through workshop.

The gallery is full of sweet and gentle aroma of various kinds of woods

We will be happy to see you enjoy walking around in our gallery.

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