River guide: Mr. Takeshi Okubo


A guide of river sports including rafting

Mr. Takeshi Okubo
Takeshi Okubo
Born on January 13, 1976

Residence :Hayakawa
Personalities :easy-going
Favorite words :Love
Interests :Playing outdoors
My favorite places in Hayakawa :Rivers
Skills :Rafting Senior Guide, SRT-1
Occupation :Rafting guide


Hello, everyone!
Nice to meet you. I’m Takeshi Okubo, HONRYUDOU in Hayakawa town.
I am going to introduce our HONRYUDOU’s guide tours and attractive parts of Hayakawa town.

I will begin with introduction of HONRYUDOU.

HONRYUDOU is a facility providing you to enjoy nature through river sports including rafting by a guided tour. We lead customers to harmonize with nature environment more deeply, fun, and safely.

My first experience of rafting in Hayakawa was over 15 years ago, and that was the great trigger to make a base of HONRYUDOU in Hayakawa.

During the early stages of my career, I challenged to go rafting with my friends in Hayakawa River. It was the first time for us to go rafting there but I still clearly remember that the landscape that I looked up from the bottom of narrow valley in the river with a rough flow was just so beautiful. However, the winding topography and great difference in height shut out the view, so that we have to put a boat ashore and stop at every 10 meters to confirm the route to move forward. I still remember that it was such a great adventure for me at that time.

Unfortunately, we cannot open a tour in Hayakawa River every day due to the amount of water in the river (but then, we will open a tour in Fujikawa River). However, as you learn about rich nature and culture of Hayakawa town where HONRYUDOU is located, you realize that it will let you take your time to enjoy yourself more.

Rivers are always not the same. They show you sometimes significant changes but sometimes small changes that you may miss in the changing of the seasons.

Every time I take my customers to the river, I always wish that they can see and feel things like we had at that time. Keeping that kind of feelings to myself, I will take my customers to the river today too!

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