Course for enjoying spring season with cherry blossoms and mountain herbs in Hayakawa town

You can drive 30km from north to south of Hayakawa town and enjoy spring season deep in the mountains.

Course Outline

  • Narada no Sato
  • Nishiyama Natural Farm, Yujima no Yu
  • Healthy MISATO
  • Entrance of Oshio Fall
  • Choushin-An in the preserved village
  • Ikawa Amehata Prefectural Forest Roa
  • Akasawa-shuku / Myofukuji

A Day Trip



Narada no Sato Konbousu (a restaurant)

We serve Hayakawa specialty such as roasted hams and sausages. You will be enjoying meeting our staff members who are friendly and have a plenty of hearts.
486 Narada, Hayakawa

3-minute walk


Parking area of Narada no Sato

You can enjoy the late-blooming cherry blossoms in the unexplored region-Narada, the place where the northernmost of cherry blossom front in Hayakawa.
Enjoy seeing the beautiful view of wild cherry-blossoms on the steep slopes of mountains.

8 minutes by car

Nishiyama Natural Farm, Yujima no Yu

Nishiyama Natural Farm, Yujima no Yu

While viewing cherry-blossoms, you can enjoy bathing in the hot spring with floating petals. Bathing in the outdoor hot springs in the spring season is the best!
1780-7 Yujima, Hayakawa

8 minutes by car

Healthy MISATO

Healthy MISATO

The flurry of cherry blossom petals is amazing! Once the wind blows the cherry blossom trees around the ground, the petals are whirled up into the sky.
651 Oharano, Hayakawa

2 minutes by car


Grandma’s Shop

Grandma’s Shop (a produce stand)

Our wild vegetables in Hayakawa will be best option for your souvenir.
221 Oharano, Hayakawa, Minamikoma, Yamanashi

Entrance of Oshio Fall

Entrance of Oshio Fall

This is the famous spot for the cherry blossom viewing of Misato district. You can see the gateway of a shrine (a trii gate) as a landmark near Hayakawa Hometown Museum.

8 minutes by car


Choushin-An in the preserved village

Choushin-An is located at the highest place in the preserved village. You will see a cherry blossom tree with dignity in the ground of the temple. 

This is a temple as a Myoshin-ji Temple school of the Rinzai sect.
11 Ho, Hayakawa

3 minutes by car

In front of Choujyu-an in Kusashio village

In front of Choujyu-an in Kusashio village

You will see a row of cherry blossom trees along the river bank.
79-1 Kusashio, Hayakawa

15 minutes by car


Ikawa Amehata Prefectural Forest Road

You will be able to see wild cherry blossoms when you drive from Minami-Alps Park Line (Prefectural Road 37) toward Amehata. We are proud of the pink scenery of mountain covered with cherry blossoms!


Forestry Cooperative: a product stand for forestry products

Forestry Cooperative: a product stand for forestry products

Big Nameko mushrooms are very popular among our customers. We also provide preserved canned Nameko mushrooms.
1 Amehata, Hayakawa

8 minutes by car


Akasawa-shuku / Myofukuji

There is the biggest cherry blossom tree in the stone paving area. It has been a well-known tree as an emotional support for local residents and visitors going to Mt. Shichimen for their worship.
398 Akasawa, Hayakawa


Soba Restaurant - Musashiya

Soba Restaurant – Musashiya

Musashiya is a soba restaurant having historic landscape with a traditional atmosphere in Akasawa-shuku. We serve our excellent hand-made soba.
625-3 Koju, Hayakawa

Restaurant - Yamasemi

Restaurant – Yamasemi

You will find Yamasemi at a trailhead of Mt. Shichimen. We offer you a lot of different kinds of dishes. 

410 Akasawa, Hayakawa

Restaurant and Shopping

Southern Alps Plaza

Southern Alps Plaza is a restaurant located at an entrance of Sumise district. We serve plate menu, donburi-mono (a bowl of rice with chashao (our specialty roast pork) on top), ramen noodles, and various desserts.
We sell the local products in Hayakawa as your souvenirs, such as hams, local vegetables, and wines made from mountain grapes, etc.
650 Koju, Hayakawa

2 minutes

Gas Station


Hayakawa Gas Station

Please make sure you fill up on gas in advance.
1083 Konawa, Hayakawa