Course for enjoying autumn season with autumn leaves and mushrooms in Hayakawa town


You can enjoy autumn season deep in the mountains while driving 30km from north to south of Hayakawa town.

Course Outline

  • Hayakawa Valley
  • Kenshin Fall
  • Kensho-An
  • Hagoromo (at the starting point for a climb at Omotesando (official approach) of Mr. Shichimen.)
  • A statue of “Oman-no-kata”/ Shiraito Fall
  • Otaki Benten-dou
  • Akasawa-shuku / Myofukuji

FYI: You can also enjoy the following order: Hagoromo → Kenshin Fall → Hayakawa Valley

A Day Trip

Hayakawa Valley

Hayakawa Valley

The most beautiful scenic spot on the Prefectural Road Minami-Alps Park Line (Prefectural Road 37). The scenery of valley in autumn leaf season is mind blowing!

8 minutes by car



Konbousu (a restaurant) in Narada no Sato

You can enjoy local mountain food such as hoto (a popular regional dish originating from Yamanashi that is stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables in miso soup), Japanese horse tripe hotpot, grilled river fish with salt and stew that contains Konnyaku made from konjac, and so on.
486 Narada, Hayakawa


KAGIYA – a café renovated old-fashioned Japanese-style home

At a quaint café renovated old-fashioned Japanese-style home, you can enjoy having a light meal and sweets with ingredients taken in Hayakawa town, and also original blended coffee.
1064-43 Narada, Hayakawa



Grandma’s Shop (a produce stand)

You can purchase agricultural products in Hayakawa like mushrooms of Hayakawa Mushroom Garden.

221 Oharano, Hayakawa, Minamikoma, Yamanashi

Fumoto no Chokubaijo (a produce stand)

Fumoto no Chokubaijo (a produce stand)

You can purchase local special products in Hayakawa such as hams, bacons, wines, and agricultural products in Hayakawa.
1236 Ho, Hayakawa


Kenshin Fall

The great merging view of such an impressive fall that the vertical height is 55 meters and the autumn leaves fascinate visitors. According to a legend, it is said that there were some hidden gold at the second basin and some young people tried to get it. However, none of them could make it because of the precipitous cliff. 

6 minutes by car



You will visit Kensho-An to see and learn the history and work of “Amehatashinseki”. You can also take a break at a café.
709-1 Amehata, Hayakawa

15 minutes by car

Hagoromo Bridge

Hagoromo Bridge

This is a bright red bridge over Haruki River. If the weather is nice on the day, you will be able to see Akaishi Mountains in the Southern Alps called Shiranesanzan over the valley with autumn leaves.
651 Oharano, Hayakawa

1-minute walk

A statue of “Oman-no-kata”/Shiraito Fall

A statue of “Oman-no-kata”/Shiraito Fall

You can enjoy the fall which is known for the story that “Oman-no-kata”, a concubine of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, stood under the waterfall as an ascetic training to purify the spirits in order to end the prohibition that women entered to Mt. Shichimen.
651 Oharano, Hayakawa

3-minute walk


Otaki Benten-dou

This fall is one of a pair and it is called “Otaki” (which means a greater waterfall of two, and the other is called “Shiraito no Taki”(Me-daki), a smaller waterfall). Many practitioners have been visiting here as a place for ascetic practices and training.
1245 Akasawa, Hayakawa

6 minutes by car


Southern Alps Plaza

We sell the local products in Hayakawa as your souvenirs, such as hams, local vegetables, and wines made from mountain grapes, etc.
650 Koju, Hayakawa