Plans for enjoying nature in the Southern Alps and outdoor activities

You can enjoy outdoor activities deep in the mountains while tasting the food that can only be eaten in Hayakawa town and enjoying being in the vast landscape.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Hayakawa game cuisines
  • Fumoto no Chokubaijo (a produce stand)
  • Grandmas’ Shop (a produce stand)
  • Yamamepia (Fish pond)
  • Art & Craft Gallery Ogon


  • Wild Bird Park
  • HONRYUDOU rafting

Day 1


Hayakawa game cuisines

We provide you the selected deer meat hunted for in Hayakawa!

503 Kusashio, Hayakawa

3 minutes by car

Fumoto no Chokubaijo (a produce stand)

Fumoto no Chokubaijo (a produce stand)

Local special products in Hayakawa like hams, bacons, wines are on sale here!

7miin by car

Grandma’s Shop

Grandma’s Shop (a produce stand)

Agricultural products in Hayakawa like wild plants and mushrooms are on sale here!
221 Oharano, Hayakawa, Nakakoma, Yamanashi


Ryoushin Ichi

This is an honor system vegetable stand. You can find fresh local vegetables here! 

Place: Nishinomiya, Hayakawa

5 minutes by car
In Yujima area (right before Shimoyujima village)

Yamamepia (Fish pond)

Yamamepia (Fish pond)

Let’s go fishing rainbow trout in the fish pond! If you are in an advanced level, you can try the mountain stream fishing to catch trout.

101 Nishinomiya, Hayakawa

7 minutes by car
1048 Yujima, Hayakawa

Gallery Ogon

Gallery Ogon

Find pretty plates and mugs. You can experience workshop using woods. The schedule will be irregular.

1524 Ho, Hayakawa

0-minute walk

Hayakawa Souzou Kukan, COCOROTO

Works of Artists who are associated with Hayakawa town are exhibited
1524 Ho, Hayakawa



Healthy MISATO (Hot Spring)

This is a hot spring accommodate facility reutilized an old school building. When you bring your own food, please stay at a cottage and have a BBQ (or cook your own food).

651 Oharano, Hayakawa


Hayakawa Auto-Camping Site

The camp site is spread out along the river and refreshing place.

1751 Ho, Hayakawa

7 minutes by car

Kusashio Hot Spring

Kusashio Hot Spring

Please enjoy Kusashio Hot Spring when you stay at Auto-camp site.

Otaki Hot Spring Bunshoukan

Otaki Hot Spring Bunshoukan

You can enjoy our relaxing Inn with meals including the mountain vegetable and fresh water fish.

420 Oharano, Hayakawa

Day 2

Wild Bird Park

Wild Bird Park

You may be able to see Crested Kingfisher, Mountain Hawk-eagle, and Japanese serow if you are lucky!

Our professional staff are always here and you can feel free to ask them to guide for your tour.
745 Tsuzura, Hayakawa

10 minutes by car


Soba restaurant – Alps

Soba restaurant – Alps

This is a restaurant of handmade soba noodle managed by local women. You can enjoy mountain food culture here!

584-1Tsuzura, Hayakawa

Fumoto no Café (Chokubaijo: a produce stand)

Fumoto no Café (Chokubaijo: a produce stand)

You can enjoy the local special products in Hayakawa like bacons and Wiener sausage

1236 Ho, Hayakawa

Hayakawa game cuisines

Hayakawa game cuisines

You can enjoy roast deer meat rice bowl, deep-flied deer meat, and Korean barbeque using selected deer meat.
503 Kusashio, Hayakawa

本流堂 ラフティング


Let’s enjoy whitewater rafting with a rafting boat at the end of the trip!

697 Senzuwa, Hayakawa

1 minute by car

Gas Station


Hamadaya Gas Station

Please make sure you fill up on gas in advance.
3235 Arakura Hayakawa