Shichimen-san Keishin-in Temple

The altitude of Mt. Shichimen is 1,982 meters and you can climb the mountain only on foot.



The Mt. Shichimen is famous as a holy place of Hokekyo (the Lotus Sutra) and is one of the mountains in Southern Alps. It has been widely known as a place of beautiful holy mountain, which is the altitude of 1,982 meters, for mountain worship.

The complex of the Keishin-in Temple is composed of four buildings: the Shichimen-san main temple in where Shichimen-daimyojin is enshrined, the Ikedai-jingu, the Ganman-sha, and the Sanro-den. The east facing Shichimen-san main temple is built toward Mt. Fuji and the architectural style called “Shichimen-zukuri” was applied. This main temple is built against the Ichino-ike (the Lake Ichi-no) where you can hear a pin drop, and it seems like being in a solemn landscape just like dominating the whole area. The lodging in temple can accommodate from one to 1,000 guests. The people who stay the night will participate in the Gokaihi-shiki (unveil ceremony) to meet the Shichimen-imyojin and the Gon-gyo (a religious service). A monk’s explanation of the history of Mt. Shichimen easily to understand and the guidance of the temple have a good reputation. The view of Mt. Fuji and the sunrise from the precinct of temple are really magnificent.

Going to worship at Mt. Shichimen is a very hard ascetic practice because you have to walk on steep mountain path; however, that is exactly what the austere training is and what the pray to God is. You can only reach the peak of Mt. Shichimen from the base by walking on either Omotesando (official approach) or Urasando.The time it takes to complete the one-way will be approximately 4 to 5 hours (adult) from the worship entrance to the peak although individual results may vary.

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Address 4217 Minobu, Minobu, Minamisoma, Yamanashi, Japan
Charge Overnight with two meals: 6,500 JPY/person (including the unveil ceremony * No charge for 5 years old and under.)
Shichimen-san Keishin-in Temple