Yujima no Oosugi

This is designated as Yamanashi Prefectural Protected Species.

This is a giant Japanese cedar tree standing below a cliff facing west, south of stone steps of entrance of Sanno Shrine located near Nishiyama Power Station. This is a tree as not only the biggest cedar tree in the prefecture, but also one of the hugest trees in the country. According to a legend, it is said that a local person brought the seeding of cedar tree from Kumano, Kishu (South end of Kii Peninsula) and planted it in this area.

It was provisionally designated as a natural monument based on the ‘Law for the Historic Site, Places of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monuments’ in February, 1927. After that, it was finally designated as Yamanashi Prefectural Protected Species in June, 1958 under the Yamanashi Prefecture Ordinance for the Protection of Cultural Properties according with Act on Protection of Cultural Properties.

Zip code 409-2702
Address 1048 Shimoyujima, Hayakawa, Minamikoma, Yamanashi, Japan
Yujima no Oosugi