Nishiyama Onsen Houraikan

Japanese Traditional Inn with a historical background located in valley at the base of the Southern Alps.


Nishiyama Hot Spring Houraikan has a long historical background.

This hot spring has been used for therapeutic bath since a long time ago. The room where a founder of climbing Southern Alps, Walter Weston, had stayed over is still existing. You will see, and then understand that our hot spring is as “the water at the mountains”.

Cooking facilities and equipment for self-catering is prepared. A long stay for a hot-spring cure is available.
The water is Sodium/Magnesium – Sodium-sulfate springs and its temperature is 40-45 degrees Celsius, and has great effect on diabetes, gastrointestinal disorder, female disorders, and neuralgia and so on.

Phone number 0556-48-2211 (+81-556-48-2211)
Fax number 0556-48-2211 (+81-556-48-2211)
Zip code 409-2702
Address 73Yushima, Hayakawa, Minamikoma, Yamanashi, Japan
Parking For 20 cars
Business hours 10:00am – 3:00 pm
Regular day off Please confirm
Charge Overnight with two meals: 11,000 JPY (without tax)
Nishiyama Onsen Houraikan